become an academic writer

You can help others and get paid for it! You can help students’ complete academic papers.

become an editor

You can help inexperienced writers get their work into print and prepared for publication.

become a blogger

You can provide useful content that can help others understand how things work.

be your own boss

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You are in charge. As your own boss you will set your work schedule and pay rates.You can negotiate terms with clients to ensure you and your client will be satisfied.

make your business

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This can be your writing business and you can offer a variety of services. As long as the client is satisfied with the end result, you are in control and set the tone for how you complete related tasks.

work from home

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You can write in the comfort of your own home. If you want to work from home becoming a freelance writer is a legitimate option. In many cases you need a good internet connection and time.

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6 reasons to become a full-time freelance writer

Freelance writers have a vast amount of opportunities available that can keep them busy. Meaning, you can have a schedule that includes writing projects and jobs with the income you want to earn.

you don’t have to be miserable doing the typical day job a lot of people find themselves stuck in. If you have a passion for writing and you are willing to invest time, effort and hard work, you can make your hobby or interest into full-time freelance writing career. Need more inspiration on why you should become a full-time freelancer? The following 6 reasons have encouraged people around the world to become freelance writers full-time.

1. The demand for quality written content is always there. If you look around you it is obvious how much people rely on written content. This includes books, magazines, television shows, movies, newspapers, and the list goes on and on. Because there are so many needs for written content you know the demand is high. You are sure to be able to find your place within the freelance writing community. You can work with big or small businesses with possibilities literally endless!

2. It is a lucrative option to make a living. You can work full-time as a freelance writer and earn good money. There are people who have been able to find their niche within the writing community. You can earn as much money as you want with no limitations. You choose online thesis writing jobs and projects you feel capable of completing. You can work with clients’ part of small or large businesses. It is a matter of understanding where your talents can be used and how much clients are willing to pay.

3. You can be productive doing what you are passionate about. You can take your hobby and turn it into money. You can work with reputable companies doing what you enjoy. Many freelance writers start off doing this part-time. As they recognize the potential they want to do this full-time.


Used this source a lot when preparing to my dissertation defense. Now I'm proudly say that I'm a PhD holder!

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