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What Is The Common Freelance Writing Hourly Rate?

The going rate for a freelance writer can vary, this is because is depends on the type of work they are doing and how much work is going into the project. For example, if a freelance writer is doing edits on a work, they might charge less if they don’t have to fix very much but a work that is riddled in errors and is just plain hard to read will probably get charged more. It varies from writer to writer as well, some charge less than others and some writers charge a lot. You should go for a happy medium when you start out and then raise your rates as you get better at your job.

Average Hourly Rates For Freelance Writers

  • Editing
  • If you are a freelance copyeditor then the rates usually start at around thirty dollars to around sixty dollars an hour. And if you are indexing their work then you are looking at thirty five to sixty five dollars an hour.

  • Layout
  • If you are working on layouts for a book, newsletter, website, manuscript and so on then you should be charging around forty to one hundred dollars an hour. If it’s a website then ten to twenty dollars a page is the going rate.

  • Proofreading
  • If you are asked to proofread someone else work then you should charge him or her around thirty to thirty five dollars an hour. You can go cheaper if the work is easy to proofread or more expensive if you have to do more work.

  • Writing
    • The going rate for fiction writers is about forty to fifty dollars an hour.
    • If you are ghostwriting or are writing proposals, grants, PR, or sales then they average rate is fifty to sixty dollars an hour.
    • Journalist usually charge about forty to fifty dollars an hour for their work.
    • If you great at medical writing then you can charge sixty to seventy dollars an hour.
    • And most technical and trade writers charge about fifty to sixty dollars an hour for their work.
    • Most writers charge between forty and one hundred dollars an hour. Keep in mind that you won’t be making this when you first start out. You have to work your way up to charge this much, so start in the middle of these rates or even a little below. You will probably be charge people around twenty dollars an hour at first but as you get better and your name gets out there you can charge way more.

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