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What It Takes To Be A Good Freelance Travel Writer

Structure of a good travel article

Travel writing is an exciting discipline that explores the creativity of a travel enthusiast to express in words the beauty of his travel experience and the grandeur that he experiences during the travel in the form of his tryst with nature, people with different cultural backgrounds, his random conversations with natives of the travel spot over a tea or a coffee and the unlimited explorations that he/ she undertakes during travel. Therefore in order to make the audience of the travel article experience the thrill of the travel write up the writer himself must be a travel junkie and a hard core enthusiast which would invariably transfer the energy to the audience. Travel article must find support through description of interesting anecdotes, experimental style of writing, interesting encounters, a romantic attitude towards nature and beauty, factual background of the location, great photographs, historical details and recollection of pleasant memories depending writer’s style. An ideal structure must effectively answer questions like where, who, why, when, what and how of the travel story.

Ideal travel article writer needs to provide the following pieces of information:

  1. An great hook in the form of introduction of the travel article to attract its readers.
  2. A good background information to be collected on the geographical set up and the location history.
  3. A small description of the climate around the place of the travel exploration
  4. A brief introduction to the writer who has undertaken the journey of travel writing
  5. A detail of the purpose behind the travel venture
  6. A great plot for the travel article developed through a strong and impressive story telling style.
  7. An interesting conclusion to fascinate the readers to visit the place upon reading the travel article.

Some basic qualities that the travel writer must possess are:

  1. Good style of writing and clear description of his/ her travel experience.
  2. A strong personality of the writer inclined towards the spirit of travel explorations must be reflected through the article
  3. Sharing of experiences in an interesting manner either through humor, admiration or other means in the form of anecdotes and quotations is vital.
  4. Vivid reporting of events encountered in travel must be done in the travel article
  5. Use of good grammar and syntax in writing.
  6. Proper information must be divulged that is closely related to reality
  7. Must bring out some fresh ideas and concepts through the article.
  8. Personal experiences must be reflected in an interesting manner.
  9. A good sense of humor to develop a great travel mood for the reader.
  10. Some surprise packages like narration of unusual events, activities, interactions and description of strange observations during the travel can be expressed through writing.
  11. A good study of the culture and etiquettes of the geographical area being explored is a must.

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