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How To Get Profitable Freelance Writing Jobs: Practical Advice

Freelance writing has become a very practical field and there are many success stories of people who make a comfortable living working as a writer in this type of work. No matter if you are still in elementary school or have been retired for many years, people of all ages and experiences who enjoy writing have been able to earn some money. If you are considering this line of work as a profession, or just a way to earn some additional income, try these tips to get started and find the profitable jobs that are out there waiting for you.

Portfolio of work

When you look for a job you put together a resume and the same is true when you are looking for work in this field. To begin your search you will want to put together a sample of your writing and then a cover sheet outlining your work history, education and experience. The reason that you put together both a sample of your best work and your resume cover sheet is that the more profitable jobs will come from large companies and they will prefer to know your educational background and experiences in addition to your written works.

Market you skills

The next step to finding the most profitable jobs is to start marketing your skills to potential customers. This could be by soliciting work companies or by bidding on jobs with online advertisements. There are numerous websites now available that will provide a listing of potential jobs allowing you to create an account on their site and then bid on those jobs. Additionally, these sites will rank your performance with each customer and as your ranking grows you will be able to attract more profitable work.

Build a customer base

Once you have taken the above two steps and have started to attract customers you will want to build your reputation with those customers by providing high quality work that is always on schedule. As your reputation builds they will come back to you for more work and you will be able to increase your fees for providing high quality writing that they need.

This field continues to grow in popularity with people who enjoy writing. If this seems like the field for you, then consider these tips to grow your career as a freelance writer with profitable jobs.

Look for top jobs

Tip of the day

There are so many clients in need of writers it is ridiculous for any writer to say they cannot get work. You need to study the market carefully and know what to say when approaching potential clients.