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Why One Should Think Twice Before Signing a Freelance Writing Contract

Many clients will require writers to sign a freelance contract before they begin working. While some of these contracts are focused on deadlines and earnings, other contracts will contain a non-disclosure agreement. Before signing any contract, writers should carefully read through every line. If something is wrong with the contract, they should negotiate with the client to change it.

Edits, Revisions and Changes Add Up

A writer may deal with a client who offers straightforward projects and clear deadlines. On occasion, they may end up with a demanding, flaky client. Before starting any new project, writers should specify the number of revisions or changes allowed. Some clients will keep sending back a document with new ideas or a complete change in direction. For the writer to earn a decent wage, they cannot perform too many revisions. Instead, writers should specify a maximum of one or two revisions for the entirety of the project.

Be Clear About Rates

The scope of the project should be clearly defined in the contract. It should include exactly the number of words and type of writing required. Likewise, this portion of the contract should detail the exact deadline. Arguments about expected work or deadlines are extremely common between writers and clients. To prevent these issues from occurring, the contract should be extremely clear about exactly what is required.

Plan on How Changes Will Be Made

Even the best of plans can go wrong. Instead of expecting the contract to be set in stone, writers should include a clause with a method for changing it. In general, this clause will require changes to be made in writing and confirmed by both parties. E-mails count as written confirmation, so writers should be careful about what they say.

The Non-Disclosure Clause

Many clients will ask writers to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Basically, this agreement requires the writer to release any rights to the document or copyrights. The client can put their name on the writing, sell it or modify it. Many writers dislike this type of contract because it stops them from using or reselling their work. In addition, the lack of a byline prevents the writer from increasing their visibility in the industry. If a non-disclosure agreement is signed, the writer should make sure that they are compensated for it. They are losing an opportunity for branding and additional income, so they should be paid more for it.

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