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A Manual for Freelance Academic Writers: How to Find Rewarding Jobs

There are a number of companies that are looking for keyword-stuffed articles, spam writing and tedious research. To enjoy a career as a freelance writer, individuals have to learn how to find the most rewarding jobs. Academic freelancers are talented at researching information, so they may be able to command a higher rate than the average writer.

  • High Paid Writing, But Questionable Ethics
  • As an academic writer, one of the many opportunities available is as an essay writer. Many students lack the time or talent for writing a paper. They are willing to pay a fairly high amount to hire someone to write for them. These jobs typically pay well and are especially lucrative during the month preceding final exams. Unfortunately, there are some ethical problems in doing this. Every writer has a personal ethical line that they will not cross. For some writers, creating a paper for a student is one of those lines. It is up to each writer to decide what they are morally able to do. If writers are willing to create essays, the job can be rewarding and lucrative.

  • Submit to a Scholarly Journal
  • A scholarly journal may not pay the writer for a submission, but it offers the writer a way to improve their marketing. They will be able to use writing in a scholarly journal to boost their resume or in their portfolio. It may also be noticed by researchers or academicians in the field and could lead to a job offer.

  • Write for a Website
  • Website content is not created equal. Although some websites are basically spam, there are high-quality sites out there. These sites may publish relevant scientific news, history updates or general information. Academic writers should reach out to high-quality sites within their subject area. Through these sites, writers can find a long-term, rewarding position. At the very least, it will be something else that the writer can add to their portfolio.

  • Be Willing to Start Small
  • Few people begin a career as a freelancer and instantly rake in a six-figure income. Developing a client list and finding new projects will take time. Writers must be patient as they work toward their goal. Part of a writer's job is to market their skills and search for potential clients. For every ten job proposals, they may get one good lead for a project. Over time, they will develop regular clients that provide the bulk of their income.

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