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What Are The Proper Freelance Medical Writers Rates

As a freelancer specialized in medical writing, your job is much more difficult than others. You need solid knowledge and it is almost impossible to do this if you do not have studies in the field. When you need to establish your rate, you might get a little confused seeing the rates of other writers which seem either too low or too high for you. Here are some tips that might help you establish your rates:

  • Decide how you want to get paid, and by this I mean if you want your rate to be per hour, per article or per words. If you prefer hourly rate, you need to be very clear with the client and decide how many hours it will take for you to finish the job. Of course, sometimes it will be one hour more or less, but he needs to know if you can write 2000 words every hour or 4000.
  • Do not be greedy. You know that you worked hard to develop your skills and it took you years to gather the information so now you can provide excellent quality. The problem is that your first clients will not know this. Sure, it’s ideal to apply a high rate and to find clients but unless you have amazing portfolio, clients will not pay so much for beginners. That’s why for your first projects you might want to lower your rate and increase them after you have a strong reputation. This doesn’t mean that you don’t value yourself; it means you apply a common principle in freelance world.
  • Study the market. It’s impossible to guess out of nowhere how much you should charge. Look at other freelancers who provide similar services. See how much clients offer and what is the highest you can go. If your rate is under the common amount, the clients will assume you are not good, if it’s way high, of course, they will not hire you. Find the balance between your experience and your payment.
  • Be honest with yourself. Maybe you find a job that requires you to work more than others to complete it simply because you do not have enough experience in the field. Do not try to get the job and force yourself to finish it because in the end, you will lose your time and you will deliver low-quality content to your client. Either let the client know that it will take longer or don’t take the job at all. One client that is not satisfied can make a huge difference in your reputation!

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