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In Search Of Great Freelance Content Writing Jobs On The Web

Why freelance writing jobs are so much in vogue?

Freelance writing is definitely one of the most exciting options in the realm of part-time jobs. From home-makers to aspiring journalists, from students-looking –for- some- pocket- money to retired professionals- freelance writing jobs appeal to all. The best part about it is- anyone with a flair for penning down words can apply for it. And a right project comes with fantastic remuneration too.

Five tips to search for the great freelance content writing jobs on internet

  • Study before sending applications
  • Before you start sending applications to the editors of various online publications/blogs or even to e-commerce sites; you need to do a thorough background check-up of the company. There are many web forums created by fellow part-time writers and from their posts, you will dig up some inklings about authentic companies.

  • Know your niche area
  • You need to clearly assess which genres you like most- when it comes to writing. Style, fashion, beauty, education, health care, travel and tourism are some of the popular genres that recruit part-time writers in the virtual space. Apart from polishing your word-weaving dexterity, you need to create a conspicuous portfolio, so that you can proudly send it along with your CV.

  • Explore all the possible avenues
  • From posting your CV in various job portals to take advantage of social networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook- you shouldn’t leave any corner unchecked. Also there are many job sites that only feature the part-time vacancies in start-up companies. You can also explore that area to face lesser competition.

  • Don’t go for online bidding if you are a rookie
  • There are many online sites offering flexible writing jobs in bulk that demand registration first. Once being listed, you need to participate in online bidding in order to get projects from the clients. But there are two glitches. Firstly, these projects might appear tedious. Secondly, if you are a fresher, then the whole process may appear knotty to you. It’s better to find simpler paths.

  • Detect the dubious clients
  • There is no concrete method to detect fake employers in the World Wide Web. But you can look for few red warning signs. If you are told that- you will get paid only after X numbers of your articles are published, then stay away from this client. Besides, if the site renders the testimonials of some authentic clients or a physical address, then you can be sure of its reliability to some extent.

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Tip of the day

There are so many clients in need of writers it is ridiculous for any writer to say they cannot get work. You need to study the market carefully and know what to say when approaching potential clients.