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Freelance Education Writing: 7 Tips For Beginners

When you start your career in freelance education writing, you will face some hard times, because finding clients at this stage can be difficult. However, the following tips will help you pull through the first months and gain the experience and recognition you need to succeed in this business.

  1. Create a portfolio.
  2. When you start your career, you won’t have any completed projects to show to your prospective clients. Therefore, you need to create a “sample case” you will be able to use in order to prove how skilled you are as a writer. The works you include in your portfolio must be of the highest quality.

  3. Get a website.
  4. Nowadays, you can build a custom website in a few hours, so there is absolutely no reason for you not to have one. Accounts at popular freelancing job markets won’t be enough if you are really serious about your education writing career. Your website will become your online office, so it must look impressive and professional.

  5. Get accounts at the most popular social networks.
  6. You need to use social media in order to promote your services and make it easier for your prospective clients to contact you.

  7. Start a blog.
  8. Writing blog posts will provide you with an opportunity to practice writing even when you don’t have a client.

  9. Improve your writing skills.
  10. Writing good essays in college is great, but it’s not enough to make you a successful freelance writer. You will benefit greatly if you take a specialized writing course for freelancers. The best thing about these classes is that they teach you both writing tips and the ropes of the business. If you don’t have an opportunity to take a course, you can look into attending some seminars or webinars. You should also read some articles on the subject and watch a few educational videos.

  11. Take every chance you get.
  12. At the beginning of your career, you won’t have the luxury of handpicking clients. You need to take every job that comes your way. This will help you stay afloat financially and give you an opportunity to practice your writing skills. The more you practice, the better you get.

  13. Be a true professional.
  14. You need to start building good relationships with clients right from the beginning of your career, so you must be professional in everything you do. The quality of the texts you create must be high and your attitude towards the job must be exceptional. Don’t miss any deadlines, reply to letters quickly and be polite to the people who want to ask more questions about your services.

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