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How To Get A Freelance Writing Job Without Experience: 10 Helpful Hints

You’ve decided – you’re going to test your abilities and apply for a freelance job for the first time. You’ve already waited for too long and postponed the decision making. That annoying little voice in your head, the voice of fear, insisted that you won’t succeed. Finally, you’re ready to face the truth after crossing all levels of decision making from the voice of despair to the song of triumph.

Now, the decision has been made and you’re ready to start. But you have one massive problem. You have no idea where or how to start. It’s not enough to simply have a good will to work – some kind of an experience is of the essence when it comes to the freelance writing jobs.

In order to provide help to all newbies embarking on an independent writing career, we have compiled some great advice below that will help you along the way.

  1. Start your career by practicing! There is no other way that leads to success. Writing skills need to be developed on a daily basis.

  2. If you’re having a hard time with language skills, hire professional help. Foreign / native language teacher will help you broaden your vocabulary and acquire the confidence in your own writing style.

  3. Find an online friend for exercises and everyday chatting. Your online friend could be a native speaker of the language you’re learning, but it can also be your close friend that’s able to help you

  4. Practice your writing skills online. Sign up for a free online course. Choose a theme of your interest – cars, literature, ecology, history. Answer questions in the discussion board section. Make sure that your course colleagues are able to understand the message of your sentence. If that’s in order, you’re almost good to go.

  5. Write a couple of interesting articles/texts in order to build your portfolio. Pour your heart and soul into these articles – they can be the ones that will make or break your career.

  6. Browse for online freelance jobs – get acquainted with the market.

  7. Find a couple of interesting websites that you like and find out everything that needs to be known about them (work and payment regulation).

  8. Create your account, write a resume and submit portfolio samples.

  9. Write quality job proposals and make sure that an employer notices you.

  10. Bid, bid and bid. Be persistent and believe in yourself. One day soon, you’ll see a job invitation on your profile.

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