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How To Be A Freelance Writer Online: 5 Tips For Beginners

Are you interested in becoming a freelance writer, but are not sure what steps must be taken to achieve that. Once you get going in this field it can be quite easy, but gaining momentum in the beginning is the hardest part. To reduce the length of your learning curve keep the following 5 tips in mind:

Tip 1: Write Samples

In the beginning you’ll have no reputation, and no feedback history on freelancer bidding sites. This means clients don’t have a reason to expect much from you at all. However, you can somewhat change that by coming up with a few high quality samples to showcase your writing ability. Then every time you send off a proposal you can attach those outstanding writing samples. This perhaps is one of the more important beginner tip you should remember.

Tip 2: Search In Many Places

Don’t limit your hunt for clients in only a few locations. Actively pursue multiple channels where clients might be lurking. This includes bidding sites, forums and the search engines. You can find a number of internet marketing agencies who are in need of writers via the search engines. Then simply write them an e-mail to get a dialogue going.

Tip 3: Get Organized

You might get one client who provides the bulk of your living, or you might get work in equal measure from 7 different clients. If it’s the later then make sure to organize the orders as they come in. This means noting down the deadlines and the details of the assignments. Without proper organization you might miss deadlines or not complete the work as it should be. This will reduce your standing with your clients.

Tip 4: Be Diverse

As a freelance writer you’ll need to learn how to write on a wide variety of subjects. Think about it: the more topics you can write on the more work you’ll get. There are some topics that you can exclude yourself from, but the majority you should attempt to give a go.

Tip 5: Be Professional

Freelance writing is like a real job, which means you must be professional. Try to communicate in a way that makes the clients feel respected, and try to meet all deadlines to the best of your ability. Also be understanding regarding the demands of the client – this ensures they will send you work for a long time to come if they have it.

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Tip of the day

There are so many clients in need of writers it is ridiculous for any writer to say they cannot get work. You need to study the market carefully and know what to say when approaching potential clients.