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How To Find Good Jobs For Freelance Writers With No Experience

As a new freelance writer, it surely would not be easy for you to find good jobs as often as you wish. It is not even easy to land the first gig before you talk about moving on to more gigs. This is especially because you are yet to have experience as a writer and people would not be too keen to entrust their projects to you. If you find yourself among those writers who are still struggling to get their first writing gig, then you are surely not alone. What you should channel your attention to now is how to find befitting writing tasks that would help boost your writing career and increase your chances of earning money through writing.

But come to think of it, how are you supposed to gain experience as a freelance writer if you are not given the opportunity to prove yourself? This article is all about teaching you how you can get this experience and open doors to good writing jobs for you in the future. Listed below are a few ways you can use to build up your portfolio. It has worked for a lot of writers and would surely work for you. They are as follows:

  • Starting Your Own Blog: Yes, this is the first way you can make headway in the world of freelancing. There is every tendency that you have an area or niche where you specialize in. It is in this niche that you will base your blog. Whatever topic you are good on, write on it and post on your blog. Make sure your posts are well-written without mistakes. The reason being that your blog will serve as your portfolio when you apply for any freelance writing gig. Over time, you will become an expert in your chosen niche and the mouth-watering writing jobs will start coming in.

  • Write Sample Articles: This is another method that new writers with no experience utilize in order to increase their chances of getting writing tasks. If you have been skipping this task, then you are denying yourself the opportunity to sustain yourself and your family through writing articles, blog posts, web pages, reports, grants, press releases and lots more. Write sample articles and show them to potential clients when they demand for samples of your work as a freelance writer.

  • Start Out Small: As a new writer with no experience, aiming for high-paying writing jobs is a very tall dream, especially when you are yet to have a portfolio. For this reason, you should start by writing for those clients who are on tight budget. There are content mills where you can register and start building your portfolio. You can even offer to write one or two free articles for your local newspaper. All these would help you gain experience.

  • Networking: There are lots of experienced writers out there who are willing to help new freelancers find their feet. Go ahead and network with them and who knows, you might start getting writing gigs from them.

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