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How To Get Started As A Freelance Writer Online: Basic Tutorial

The job of a freelancer can be as difficult as it can be rewarding. There are many things someone should be aware of before leaving their jobs and pursuing a career as an online writer. Here are 6 pieces of advice that are sure to help anyone considering a career as a freelance writer:

  1. Acquire necessary skills
  2. As in any form of employment, one must possess the necessary skills to be hired. A good way to start is by performing an online search for freelance writing jobs, make note of the skill sets most commonly asked for and ensure you possess these skills. Take a short course if necessary to acquire as many different literary skills as you can. Having a diverse skill set increases your chances of acquiring and successfully completing jobs.

  3. Create a great profile
  4. Your profile will be your identity online so take the time to put together a very good one. Include details about your educational back ground as well as your previous work experiences. Any accomplishments you have had in writing should also be included providing proper references or links as well as a sample of your original work to display your capabilities.

  5. Register with a freelance hosting site
  6. Many sites post job offers which freelancers can then bid on in order to acquire the job. These companies provide a safe environment in which freelancers and clients can interact without any fear of being scammed. Simply perform a web search and links to various sites will be provided to you.

  7. Do jobs for experience
  8. Now that you have registered with a host company you can proceed to browse the job listings. Don’t be too picky, remember you are new and have not yet built a reputation for yourself. Your best option for now may be jobs that pay less than average as they are easier to acquire and will help establish you as a competent writer.

  9. Maintain professionalism
  10. Not all clients will be respectable or easy to deal with and it is important to maintain a professional attitude throughout your dealings with these individuals. Even if it means terminating a job, do so in a professional manner.

  11. Build a reputation
  12. It may take some time before you begin to receive the high paying jobs you may have expected when you decided to become a writer. Don’t be discouraged, tallow your reputation to build, as it grows, so will your income.

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There are so many clients in need of writers it is ridiculous for any writer to say they cannot get work. You need to study the market carefully and know what to say when approaching potential clients.