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Getting Decent Freelance Medical Writing Jobs Without Much Effort

What is a freelance medical writing job?

Freelance medical writing is of two types. One type involves writing for scientific journals/websites, pharmaceutical companies, drug stores and medical centers. The other type is non-scientific category which is writing marketing and PR pieces for any commercial medical unit. Medical writing is one of the most challenging professions of 21st century. Though the companies conduct tough screening process for hiring, you will find a part-time job easily with enough perseverance.

Tips to get a freelance medical writing job without much effort-

  • Get yourself a higher education in science stream
  • Most often than not, companies prefer candidates with science (especially, life-science) background for the freelance writing openings. From Chemistry to bio-chemistry, from pharmacy to bio-technology; medical writing profession demands illustrious and higher (like master’s degree, PhD) education in your resume. Though, most of the companies don’t discriminate on cut-off marks, a really prestigious brand may ask for exceptional academic qualification from a candidate. So if you don’t want to struggle for finding a coveted position, score well in your exams.

  • Do some courses on creative writing
  • Having a higher degree in your CV is not enough. You need to hone your skill in creative writing also. If you don’t want to shell out extra moolah for a creative writing course or don’t have the time to attend, then search in the internet for free writing courses. You will get enough resources including video tutorials. Many leading universities around the world offer short-term creative writing courses in exchange of nominal fees. A writing course can be another highlight in your resume and will earn you extra brownie points from the employers.

  • Previous experience will give your CV an edge
  • Though this medical writing profession recruits freshers but candidates with previous work-experience attract good responses from the industry. It would be best if you have worked as a lab technician or a research associate in your life-science department previously. Even an internship in a pharmaceutical company will also count. These stints will give you a fair idea about how medical fraternity works. It will invariably reflect on your writing- thus making you a lucrative catch for the company.

  • Network with right type of people
  • Being a member of any medical writer’s association will give you the wonderful opportunity to mingle with fellow writers. From there, you can get tips about new and well-paying openings. On the other hand, social networking site like LinkedIn bridges the gap between demand and supply of medical writing industry.

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