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Helpful Guidelines For Finding Legit Freelance Writing Jobs Online

Do you have good writing skills? Have you considered getting an extra income by completing writing jobs online? In this article, we show you a few golden rules to succeed as a freelancer.

  • Avoid underpaid jobs. There are people who try to get advantage by paying cents for hours of work. You should check similar projects in order to have an effective idea about the fares for such writing jobs.
  • There are two ways of calculating your earnings:

    • Fixed price: You should estimate the overall duration of the writing job in order to come up with a number for your earnings.
    • Hourly rate: It is the easiest way to estimate the price, you decide how much you wish to earn per hour and time the duration of the writing. There are apps which help you get a precise measurement.

  • Rely only in reckoned websites. In the Internet, working online is a very popular occupation nowadays. You will find plenty of websites that assist freelancers and clients. These sites provide a workroom and secure payments so that the whole process becomes transparent.
  • Make a good first impression. In a frequent basis, the first impression is the only one that counts. This is why you should make an effort to be appealing with clients. You need some charm in order to make people trust in your capabilities. Keep in mind that clients are going to pay for your job, try to answer the following: how are you making people trust their money in your skills?
  • Write your own proposals. You will be in the need of looking for new tasks in a regular basis. You could paste a proposal written in advance but it is quite clear to customers when you do so. It is recommended to take a little extra time to create a customized proposal. Even if you send shorter bids, you will show more interest in the offers because you are creating a reply every time.
  • Comply with the deadlines. Is it highly recommended to deliver the articles in the date that has been agreed unless major reason. If you have any inconvenience, consider communicating with the client in advance.
  • Keep learning. Being a freelance writer is no easy task. At first, there will be plenty of issues to learn. As time goes on, you will master every step of the process, from making contact to getting the payment transferred to your account.

Think of the whole process as a lesson that will teach you how to manage by your own in life. Never stop learning.

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