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How to Become a Good Freelance Writer: Do You Need a Business Card?

As many freelance writers do not have any business cards, you might wonder whether you need one. However, the answer that experienced writers give is yes. Using a business card will send a message to your partners that you are a professional and take your job seriously. Moreover, business cards can be a powerful marketing tool to reach those who have a need of your services.

What Your Business Card Should Look Like?

  • Include your most essential data.
  • Every business card should contain your name, job title, email, phone, and website address. You can use more than one job title – for example, “Content writer/Copywriter/Copyeditor.” If you can think of no particular writing specialization, just state “Writer” or “Freelance writer.” No need to include any links to your portfolio or project titles – people can access this information through your website.

  • Leave your physical address out.
  • Your address lines might occupy too much space on your visit card, making it “busy” and hence less appealing. Moreover, this information is simply not necessary. Customers would most likely use phone or email to contact you, not snail mail a paper letter to your home.

  • Keep it simple.
  • Some freelancers use fancy designs to make their cards more memorable, but this is not a must. An accurate, minimalist design, with white background and clear, easily readable fonts can work just as well. The primary purpose of a business card is to enable people to find your contact information fast, not to demonstrate your creativity.

Where to Leave Business Cards?

  • Give a business card to every person whom you meet.
  • Even if he or she do not need a writer right now, they might need your services later, or know someone who needs them. A successful writer reports handling two cards to every person whom she meets: “One to you, and one to pass.” The marketing potential of this approach is virtually unlimited as a single card can pass through many hands of people who would either use your services or tell someone else about you.

  • Leave your cards at places such as banks, restaurants
  • Although doing it might seem odd and wasteful, it is very cheap, actually, considering the cost of a single card, and it may work to get you customers. For example, a card you leave with you bill at a restaurant might get into the hands of its manager who needs a content writer right now. “No one else doing it” is not a bit of a reason to give this marketing technique up. Rather, trying it is a great way to stand out among other freelancer writers who do not do it.

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