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Searching For The Best Freelance Writing Jobs: 4 Useful Tricks

There are a lot of different websites and agencies that post many different types of freelance writing jobs and sometimes it is difficult to sort out which jobs are the best and which jobs you really don’t want to give a second thought about let alone submit a proposal.

  1. Low Fees.
    • Problem: Be wary of prospective clients that offer low paid jobs on the pretext that they will be offering you further work. There is a good chance that future work may not be in the offing and you will end up working on a project for several days, to be paid a few dollars.
    • Solution: When you first start out as a freelance writer, you want to build up a clientele and also your reputation, but you also need to earn money. Do some research on the average rate of pay per hour or number of words produced and base your own fees on this information.
  2. The Last Freelancer let me down.
    • Problem: A job is posted, and the client also describes at great length about how the last freelancer let them down. Sometimes this may be justified but if they publically name and shame the person who they initially hired, they may find themselves the subject of legal action.
    • Solution: You may feel that the previous freelancer was justified in walking away from the project, or there may have been a conflict of ideas. There is always two sides to a story. But like wise when a client continues to lament and disrespect a worker you may decide that you do not want to work for them either.
  3. Lack of information in the job specification.
    • Problem: The job specification is sketchy and offers little or no information about the size of the job, area of speciality or deadlines. It is very difficult to put in a realistic proposal for a job like this. This may actually be some form of scam, to gather information and use work samples for their own gain.
    • Solution: The work may be genuine, but these type of jobs usually end up by being poorly paid and revolve around the production of academic work for students who can pay someone else to produce their work. This is ethically incorrect and cheating.
  4. Fantastic Rates of Pay:
    • Problem: This is difficult as being offered 40 hours a week for a good rate may not appear on the face of it to be a problem. In reality you have to be on line continually to receive orders that need to be produced within a very short period of time. Additionally you may have to work times that are not your time zone.
    • Solution: Initially apply for the work as part of your working week. By doing this you can take on other work and not be totally dependent on one client. You may actually prefer taking on a mixture of different types of writing rather than continually researching and writing articles.

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