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Searching For Well-Paid Freelance Writing Jobs To Work From Home


It’s very tempting to start working from home as a writer. The picture of sitting on your sofa in pajamas and lazily typing an article on your laptop is very colorful and promising, isn’t it? However, the real life is not so sweet. You may easily find yourself piled up with dozens of cheap orders on a daily basis, risking burning out very soon and not earning enough to pay your bills. Or, you may spend all your time on the content mills or freelance writing job boards, fighting with other writers for a decent order. Of course, the time wasted this way won’t pay you back. Is it ever possible to earn much working from home? Yes, it is! You should just know where to search for well-paid writing jobs and how to do it effectively.

  • Research the market.
  • Find potential clients in your area of expertise. Find online magazines or websites publishing articles in your niche, look through the websites of businesses, or visit the popular blogs of your interest. Create a list of potential clients you would like to work for.

  • Offer your help.
  • Can you somehow be helpful to the potential clients? If you have any interesting ideas that could be strongly developed in your articles, why not to hint at them in your query letters? Consider cold-calling as well. Sometimes, it is the only possible way to offer your services. If you can improve the quality of content or marketing strategies of a particular company, contact them and prove that you may help. It will be great if they will hire you. Businesses pay well. If you are interested in blog posting, take your time and create a powerful post in a blog you like. Remember to be active and answer all relevant comments. The chances are high that you will be noticed and asked to run a blog of your own.

  • Keep networking.
  • Your success in a freelance writing industry depends much on your contacts. Register in several writing forums and communities and create profiles on the social networking sites. Keep in touch with other writers in your niche. They may share interesting and well-paying job leads with you, as well as help you out if you have too much work to do. Leave your contact details everywhere.

  • Be professional.
  • Improve your writing skills. Write quality content. Meet deadlines. If you are professional, you will be paid high. Moreover, all your previous clients will eagerly recommend your services to other people, and you will never lack lucrative job offers.

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Tip of the day

There are so many clients in need of writers it is ridiculous for any writer to say they cannot get work. You need to study the market carefully and know what to say when approaching potential clients.