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How To Write A Freelance Resume: Practical Guidelines

As a freelance writer, you will be responsible for getting clients for yourself and ensuring that your inflow of income is steady. If you fail in this action you will find yourself making much less money than you need to live off of. This is a fate that has met many hopefuls in the industry and just as many have found themselves returning to more conventional jobs as a result. Although a resume is not always requested to be considered for a job it may be. Here are some tips you can use to create the right one.

  • Compile a respectable portfolio to accompany it
  • Nearly every client you will ever desire to work with will be interested in seeing a few samples of your best work before considering working with you. If you are a blogger, this may be redundant. You would already have many posts that show your style and ability in general. In any other circumstances, your worthiness for a job will need to be proven with a good few pieces. A resume without this will seem bare and unfinished.

  • Highlight your most impressive achievements
  • If you have ever written anything very important, it makes sense to not only include that piece in your portfolio but to make mention of the details of it within the resume. If, for instance, one of the speeches you wrote was for a politician who later went on to win, this is an achievement that should not be glossed over. Just make sure that you have permission to use the pieces in that way.

  • Know when to lean on your education
  • Some freelancers have more education than experience. If this is you, consider using your strong point in your favor. If your college is ivy league or impressive in some other way, make sure anyone you hand your resume to will not miss that fact. If you have been educated in a very specific field that few people have qualifications in, this can also work for you.

  • Have a few references or reviews on hand
  • As much as it helps to say how well your previous jobs went, if you can get a previous client to leave you a good review or recommendation, this will go over even better with potential new clients. Make sure to include a section that addresses this.

As a last tip, ensure that any time you send this document out you make a few minor changes to suit the job.

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