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Becoming A Freelance Magazine Writer: Professional Advice

Writing for a magazine can be fun. Some magazines have open submission policies and some do not. If you can get a few publications under your belt, you will find your odds become greater of getting more. These publications are usually signed which is nice. You get the credit, unlike when you pen as a ghostwriter. You can put these Impressive pieces in your sample portfolio. Use some our professional advice if you are seeking to have work in a magazine.


  • Start with local magazines-if you can begin with a local periodical, you may have a better chance of getting published. The pay will be low, but getting the first piece is the biggest step. Look in the phone book and online for the names and the addresses of the local publishers and then contact them.

  • Have pitches ready-you may be offered a trail spot. If so, you need to have several pitches ready to propose. It is rare that you are given a topic during the sample phase. Be ready for your ideas and outlines.
  • Be persistent-you cannot take the word no personally. The word should make you push harder in an effort to obtain your goal.

  • Intern-interns are not paid any money most of the time, so yes, you would be working for free. However, you may make connections that will then enable you to get your foot in the door. If you are financially able, then intern for a magazine.

  • Start at another job with the company-you could begin working at the publication in another position and work your way up to the desired spot. This works if the group is prone to guest spots and promotions within the place. The problem is you may be hired as a full-time on the payroll, rather than a freelancer. This is not bad, but may not be what you wanted.

As you begin the quest to be a magazine writer, you will want to start with a local group, have your pitches ready to go at a moment’s notice, be persistent in looking and submitting, possibly work as an intern, or start at another job with the group you wish to work for in the future. Be prepared to hear the word no, but use that word as inspiration to work hard for your future magazine freelance publications.

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