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In Search Of Teenage Freelance Writing Jobs: 10 Helpful Guidelines

When most teenagers think of getting an after school, the first thing that pops into their minds is an array of fast food and retail establishments. Although these are traditional teenage jobs, freelance writing is another alternative. Through the Internet, students can get jobs in multiple freelance industries. Since the student is able to set their own schedule, they can create a workload that is suitable for the school year.

  1. Are You Ready?
  2. The first tip is for the student to rethink their decision. As a writer, teenagers will be expected to perform the same quality of work as a professional writer. Only teenagers who are already able to write well should try to make it in this field.

  3. Get Prepared
  4. Writing white papers or web content is far different than constructing an English essay. Before working as a freelancer, students should learn what will be expected of them in their new career field.

  5. Set Up a Work Space
  6. Although writing can be done from anywhere, students should try to avoid as many distractions as possible. Every distraction will only make projects take longer than they originally would have taken. A quiet desk, a den or a space at the library are great options for work spaces.

  7. Learn Time Management
  8. To succeed, students must be able to stick to a schedule. The teenager will be their own boss, so they must have excellent time management skills.

  9. Consider Content Mills
  10. As the teenager is learning the ropes, working for a content mill is a good idea. Although the pay is lower, the content mill will allow the student to learn the skills of the trade while they earn money.

  11. Set Up a Website
  12. To look professional, students should set up a website that contains some of their best work. The best websites will cater to a specific subject or niche. Through the website, students can set their rates for any writers who end up finding them.

  13. Be Specific
  14. Catering to a specific topic area is one of the best ways to achieve a higher payout. If the student is an expert in a specific subject, clients are more likely to pay a higher rate.

  15. Turn Everything in on Time
  16. To get repeat clients, students must be able to meet a deadline. If the student is busy with finals week or other activities, it is perfectly acceptable to turn down projects.

  17. Reach Out to Magazines
  18. Although the major magazines hire adults, many trade publications and smaller magazines are willing to hire any freelance writer who is able to do the work. Even better, these magazines will often pay a decent rate to get writers to work for them.

  19. Prepare a Portfolio
  20. Clients do not care how old the student is. The main thing that they care about is their ability to do the work. Teenagers can show off their writing talent by creating a portfolio of their best work.

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