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What It Takes To Become A Qualified Freelance Content Writer

Many professionals dream to become self-employed and to gain money from home. For some writers, everything goes well from the beginning, and they get clients without too much effort. On the other hand, if you have high expectations and you don’t know how to handle your new job, you can spend months without evolving. The best thing about this is that you don’t need any qualification; any person can become a freelancer, even if you are still a student or you have years of experience behind you. Here are some guidelines:

  • Set your goals for short and long term. You need to know what you want to accomplish in the first month, and in the first year. Don’t set your goals too high. Otherwise, you will be disappointed and tempted to give up when you don’t succeed. Your aim in the first month can be, for example, to complete two projects and to create a complete profile on a freelancing website.

  • Be patient. Clients will not come running to you at the moment you decide to work. You need to wait until the right project appears, and it can take days or even weeks for this. Many freelancers did not have a good job in the first weeks, and this is absolutely normal. Don’t lose your hope and don’t get discouraged; instead, work on your skills and improve your writing.

  • Study. Yes, you are talented, and you can write great pieces in a few minutes. This does not mean you can’t evolve anymore or that you reached perfection, quite the opposite actually. The freelancing market is developing so fast, that you actually need to struggle to keep up with the updates. New freelancers get started every day, so make sure you are not left behind.

  • Be polite and honest. Politeness will always be appreciated in the discussions you will have with possible clients; nobody will hire a freelancer that is arrogant or disrespectful. Be friendly, but conservative. Honesty is crucial when you can’t complete a project, when your skills are not enough or when you think it will be delayed a day or two. It’s better to notify the client from the very beginning, so he can manage his business without losing money. He will not appreciate your services, but at least he will see that you are serious, and maybe he will consider re-hiring you.

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